MCBP2015 PC02 Ophelia Tang

Name 姓名: Ophelia Tang 鄧曉彤
Age 年齡︰23
Place of birth 來自: New York 紐約
School 學歷︰Hunter College
Height 身高︰5’3”
Weight 體重 : 103lbs
Hobby 嗜好︰Songwriting, singing, piano, dancing, cooking, guitar 寫歌,唱歌,彈鋼琴,舞蹈,烹飪,吉他
Ambition 志向︰I wish to go back to Hong Kong and pursue my career in performance, I love the stage! 我喜歡在舞台的感覺, 想回到香港,從事演藝事業。

Ophelia Tang is an aspiring musician and dancer, born and raised in the heart of New York City. She is 23 years old and graduated with a degree in Music. Her passions are singing, dancing, playing the piano, guitar, and song writing. In addition, she loves the sport of pole dancing and aerial arts. On her spare time she likes to read the Bible, invent new healthy and delicious recipes, find new exciting activities or workouts to do, explore new restaurants, and write her own songs.



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