MCBP2015 PC03 Fiona Tsang

Name 姓名: Fiona Tsang 曾珮琪
Age 年齡︰17
Place of birth 來自: New York紐約
School 學歷︰Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School
Height 身高︰5’3”
Weight 體重 : 110lbs
Hobby 嗜好︰Dance, Play Piano, viola/Guitar 跳舞,彈鋼琴,中提琴/
Ambition 志向︰Open my own arts company one day, to inspire kids to take a step outside their comfort zone 希望有一天有一間自己的藝術公司, 激發孩子們到外面去闖一闖。

Fiona Tsang is a recent graduate from Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School where she studied music art. Fiona plays viola, piano, saxophone and guitar. Fiona has achieved a level 8 in piano studies from the Associated Board of the Royal School of music of England. Fiona’s achievement from the Royal School of music allows her to teach piano at a professional level to students. Fiona has performed Chinese dance, hip hop, ballet, contemporary dance and Latin dance with a local dance school. Fiona has choreographed numerous dance show events and works as a teacher’s assistant at a dance studio. Fiona believes that sharing her love of the arts is the perfect way to give back to the community. Fiona will be taking her talents and continuing her education in Arts Administration at a New Jersey University.


曾珮琪是一個剛剛從拉瓜地亞中學畢業的學生。她學習音樂藝術。曾珮琪會彈中提琴,鋼琴,色士風和吉他。她已經通過英國皇家鋼琴八級的考試。這樣的成績能讓她用專業的水平去教學生。曾珮琪還在當地的一所舞蹈學校學習中國民族舞,hip hop, 芭蕾舞,現代舞和拉丁舞。她已經在多次表演中編舞和她已經是一所舞蹈學校的老師助理。曾珮琪堅信分享她對藝術的熱愛將是一種完美的方式對社會的回饋。她將繼續運用她的才藝在新澤西州的一所大學裡學習藝術管理。