MCBP2015 PC04 Hannah Han

Name 姓名: Hannah Han 韓湞婧媛
Age 年齡︰25
Place of birth 來自: Sichuan 四川
School 學歷︰Hofstra University
Height 身高︰5’4”
Weight 體重 : 107lbs
Hobby 嗜好︰Dance, Singing 跳舞, 唱歌
Ambition 志向︰To be an entrepreneur 成為一名企業家及優秀的女性代表

Hannah Han born in Chengdu, now live in New York, she's a graduate student major in accounting in Hofstra University. Good at opera singing and Latin dance. This year she advanced to the 10 on the Avenue of Start of US region, a show hold by CCTV central China television, and going to Beijing this fall to compete for the finest from China representing as US winners. She once solo perform opera excerpt <carmen> and Latin dance in Lincoln center with Manhattan symphonies. Her biggest dream is to become an entrepreneur one day, can impact and encourage more people as a powerful female role model.


韓湞婧媛,Hannah Han出生於成都, 現居住紐約長島, 是一名Hofstra大學的會計碩士研究生。擅長於歌劇表演與拉丁舞,在今年有中央電視台舉辦的星光大道中進入全美十強,並將於今年代表北美賽區回北京參加比賽。在今年年初她曾以曼哈頓交響樂團合作,在林肯中心獨唱表演歌劇選段《卡門》。她最大的夢想是成為一名出色的企業家,可以影響和幫助到更多的人,傳播正能量。