MCBP2015 PC05 Tracey Li

Name 姓名: Tracey Li 李咏彤

Age 年齡︰17

Place of birth 來自: Maine 緬因州

School 學歷︰Cony High School

Height 身高︰5’4”

Weight 體重 : 98lbs

Hobby 嗜好︰fashion 流行, up-cycling

Ambition 志向︰I plan to major in International business and travelling overseas 我打算主修國際企業及海外旅遊。


Tracey Li (李咏彤) was born on December in a small town located in Maine. Both of her parents are from Guangdong, China- but is 1/8 Russian. Her hobbies are up-cycling and learning new things, she also has an interest in dancing. She currently is a dual enrollment student at Cony High School class of 2016, KVCC, NMCC, University of Maine in Presque Isle, and Thomas College: majoring in business. Her future ambition is to one day travel the world to learn more about the different dynamics of life to further understand and help/support different global causes.


李詠彤出生於12月緬因州的一個小鎮上。父母都來自廣東,擁有1/8的俄羅斯血統。她的嗜好是回收藝術和學習新的東西, 同時她也喜歡跳舞。她現在是一個雙錄取的學生在Cony High School class of 2016,KVCC,NMCC,緬因州的普雷斯克島大學和托馬斯學院:主修商業。她未來的志向是希望有一天能週遊全世界去了解更多不同生活的動態,可以支持和幫助不同的全球性因素。