MCBP2015 PC06 Amy Hsiao

Name 姓名: Amy Hsiao 林佳敏
Age 年齡︰21
Place of birth 來自: New York 紐約
School 學歷︰Babson College
Height 身高︰5’4”
Weight 體重 : 115lbs
Hobby 嗜好︰Hiking, Cooking, Dancing, Painting, Tennis 爬山, 烹飪,舞蹈,繪畫,網球
Ambition 志向︰I want to become a successful entrepreneur who will one day impact the world 我想成為一個有一天會影響世界的成功企業家。

My name is Amy Hsiao. I am 21 years old and currently a senior at Babson College. I am majoring in entrepreneurship in hopes of one day creating my own company specializing in retail luxury and fashion. In my spare time I like to read, dance, as well as play sports. I have been playing competitive tennis ever since I was three years old and it is one of my greatest passions. I hope to use my entrepreneurial drive in order to make a large impact in the world.


Hello大家好!我是6號Amy Hsiao,我今年21歲,是一位充滿夢想的大學四年級學生。我的專業是創業,我希望有一天可以創造自己的時尚服裝企業,打造國際個人品牌。從小我參加過各種比賽,有網球和科學奧林匹克等等…並贏得多項獎項。從這次美國華裔小姐選拔中,我希望突破自己,建立自信,找到自己美的定義。在這個新的舞台上,我將面對不同的挑戰,我會盡全力學習並展現自己最好的一面,並為美國華人社區做出貢獻。謝謝大家的支持與鼓勵。