MCBP2015 PC07 Lotus Wei

Name 姓名: Lotus Wei 衛荷

Age 年齡︰23

Place of birth 來自: Guizhou 貴州

School 學歷︰NYU

Height 身高︰5’5”

Weight 體重 : 106lbs

Hobby 嗜好︰Playing the violin, the piano and Guzheng; Chinese folk dance and belly dance 小提琴,鋼琴,古箏,中國民族舞,肚皮舞。

Ambition 志向︰To become a good Fashion PR Practitioner  成為一個優秀的時尚公關


Lotus (He) Wei, a 23-year-old minority, comes from Guizhou, China. Now, she is a graduate student majoring Public Relations of New York University as well as studying Fashion Design of Parsons. She is a well-rounded person and always ready for difficult challenges. During undergraduate study, she won first-class scholarship twice for her major mark ranked Top 1 in the last two years.  She began to study Chinese folk dance when she was only four and learned to play the violin from 6 years old. She passed Level 10 when she was 14 and has won the first prize in a national violin competition. Lotus was the principal of second part violin in the Symphony Orchestra of Wuhan University. When she was an exchange student in Taipei, she held her first violin concert successfully. She was the second run-up of China Miss Campus and a fashion magazine model. This time, she hopes to present Chinese minority culture to people and create more opportunities for herself through this competition.


七號佳麗,衛荷(Lotus Wei),今年23歲,是一個來自中國貴州的少數民族姑娘。現在就讀于紐約大學公共關係專業,同時也在Parsons學習時尚設計。從小受到全方位培养的她,喜欢做好每一件事情,迎接不同挑战:大学期间连续两年专业排名第一,多次获得一等奖学金。她從四歲開始學習民族舞,高中畢業转而學習肚皮舞;六歲開始學習小提琴,十四歲拿到小提琴十級證書,榮獲過全國華夏之星小提琴金獎和銀獎,曾是大學交響樂團二提首席。在2013年在台灣交換期間,她舉辦了首場小提琴演奏會。她曾是中國校花大賽全國季軍,并作為平面模特拍攝時尚雜誌廣告。她希望能通過華姐比賽這個平台向世界展示貴州少數民族文化,并為未來發展創造更多的機會。