MCBP2015 PC09 Sherry Lu

Name 姓名: Sherry Lu 魯丹

Age 年齡︰23

Place of birth 來自: Anhui 安徽

School 學歷︰State University of New York

Height 身高︰5’6”

Weight 體重 : 105lbs

Hobby 嗜好︰Violin, singing, dancing 拉小提琴,唱歌,跳舞

Ambition 志向︰成為一個熱愛生活的人


Contestants No.9 Sherry Lu, 23 years old, comes from Anhui, China. She graduated from State University of New York and majored in Master of Science in Finance. Currently she works as a Financial Analyst at China Merchants Bank New York Branch. She has studied music, dance and plays violin since she was a little girl and she likes to participate in various recreational & sports activities. She won the National Tenth Level on Violin, First Prize of Anhui Province Music & Dance Contest, University Campus Most Popular Top Ten Singers and other awards. She also performed on behalf of University Orchestra with Belgium Apollo Symphony Orchestra. She is a cheerful, lively girl and likes to try and challenge herself with new things. Sherry has joined this competition, for her is not only a chance to meet a lot new friends but also can explore and know the different aspects of her herself. She hopes that she can show more beauty and confidence at this stage, just like sunflower, sunshiny, dynamic, beautiful and determined.