MCBP2015 PC10 Annabel He

Name 姓名: Annabel He 何媛

Age 年齡︰23

Place of birth 來自: Xining 西宁市

School 學歷︰Boston College

Height 身高︰5’7”

Weight 體重 : 106lbs

Hobby 嗜好︰Dancing, singing, photography 跳舞,唱歌,攝影

Ambition 志向︰To pursue a career in acting and charity work 從事演藝和慈善事業


Contestant No .10 Annabel He graduated from Boston College with a degree of Master of Science in Accounting this May. One year before her graduation, she got an offer from one of the big 4 accounting firms Ernst & Young, New York Office. Her interest rests not only in Business major, but also in music and dancing. She learned Chinese traditional dancing for many years while she was a little girl. In addition, she likes to do volunteer work. She participated in the Global Volunteer Program of AIESEC in 2012, and went to work as a teacher in an orphanage in Malaysia. It is this experience that makes her understand that true happiness comes from giving and mutual sharing. During her leisure time, she likes dancing, singing, and doing yoga.


10號佳麗何媛(Annabel)在今年5月份畢業於波士頓學院會計學碩士學位。在畢業前一年,她就拿到了四大會計事務所之一Ernst & Young紐約分所的錄用通知。如果說對於會計的學習培養了她的理性思維,那麼從小對於音樂和舞蹈的熱愛則培養了她的感性思維。她同時也是個心懷感恩,熱衷於幫助他人的女孩。在2012年,她參加了國際性志願者組織AIESEC的海外志願者活動,獨自前往馬來西亞的一所孤兒院支教,與那裡的孩子們朝夕相處了1個月,她認為:“真正的快樂來自於給予以及回饋社會”。在業余時間,她喜歡跳舞,唱歌和練習瑜伽。

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