MCBP2015 PC11 Taylor Dai

Name 姓名: Taylor Dai 戴思宇

Age 年齡︰16

Place of birth 來自 : Shanghai 上海

School 學歷︰Queens High School for Language Studies

Height 身高︰5’7”

Weight 體重 : 112lbs

Hobby 嗜好︰Singing, music 唱歌, 音樂

Ambition 志向︰Go to a good college 上一個很好的大學




Taylor, 17 years old, was born in Shanghai, China. She is the youngest contestant of this year’s beauty pageant. She is a persistent girl with her persistence to pursue her dream. She believes if you have dream, if you are motivated, with desire you will persevere. She is willing to give her all to pursue her dream stand on a gorgeous stage to show her talent in one day. To join this beauty pageant is a great opportunity to fulfill her dream.