MCBP2015 PC12 Alida Zhao

Name 姓名: Alida Zhao 趙瀟 

Age 年齡︰23

Place of birth 來自: Henan 河南

School 學歷︰Baruch college-CUNY, Master of Finance

Height 身高︰5’7”

Weight 體重 : 106lbs

Hobby 嗜好︰Singing, dancing, painting, Pipa, reading and travel 唱歌,舞蹈,繪畫,琵琶,讀書和旅遊

Ambition 志向︰To help the people in need and homeless animals 幫助更多需要幫助的人和無家可歸的動物


Alida Zhao is 23 years old, coming from Henan, China. She has been learning singing, dancing, painting, and playing the Pipa since she was young, and achieved the 7th level for Pipa performance. She has appeared in many Chinese TV programs. Alida went to Penn state to study finance when she was 18, and joined THON(the biggest students-run philanthropic organization in the USA) to raise money for kids with cancer. The hardworking and smart girl finished the degree within three years and a half, then she came to South Africa as a volunteer teaching students in the local primary school. Alida moved to New York last summer, and now she's a student of Baruch College, pursuing her master degree in finance. She also got the position as Chair of External Relations in Chinese Students and Scholars Association. At the meantime, she joined a local art charity organization to continue her charity activities. Alida is always an explorer and a challenge seeker, that's why she comes to the pageant, and she hopes to discover more potentials of herself and find more opportunities and possibilities for her future development through this platform.


趙瀟今年23歲,來自中國河南。從小學習琴棋書畫唱歌舞蹈, 琵琶已過七級,一直參加過國內多檔電視節目錄制。她18歲來到美國賓夕法尼亞州立大學主修金融,在校期間還加入了THON(全美最大的學生慈善組織)為癌症兒童籌款。成績優異的她三年半就順利完成本科學業,隨后一人前往南非,成為一名志願者在當地小學給孩子們上課。去年夏天趙瀟搬來紐約,現在是Baruch College一名金融碩士學生,還擔任學校學生會外聯部長。同時她也繼續自己的公益行動又加入紐約一家藝術公益機構幫助年輕藝術家實現夢想。趙瀟是個喜歡探索新鮮事物,挑戰自我,挖掘自己各方面潛能的姑娘,因此來到華裔小姐的舞台。希望通過這個平台為今后未來的發展創造更多機會和無限可能性。


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