MCBP2015 PC13 Mary Chen

Name 姓名: Mary Chen 陳舒菲

Age 年齡︰18

Place of birth 來自 : Marietta, OH 俄亥俄州

School 學歷︰Emory University

Height 身高︰5’7”

Weight 體重 : 107lbs

Hobby 嗜好︰Playing the piano, drawing, painting, and singing 彈鋼琴,繪畫,油畫,唱歌

Ambition 志向︰To create something that adds value to society and will continue to help people even after I am no longer able to. 為社會創造最大的公益的事,


Hello everyone! I'm contestant 13, Mary Chen. I just graduated from Canyon high school where I was our school's student council president. As president I led our council in coordinating blood drives, food drives, clothing drives as well as other events to benefit our community. Through Student Council I realized my passion for creating an impact. This fall I plan on attending Emory University and hope to continue on this path to better our world. The reason I joined this pageant was because I wanted to make new friends, build self confidence, and also learn more about Chinese culture and traditions. I hope to inspire other young Chinese girls to not only embrace who they are, but also their Chinese heritage. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!


大家好!我是13號佳麗, 陳舒菲。我剛從高中畢業, 是我們學生會的會長。我組織我們的學生參與了獻血,募捐衣服 、食物以及其他造福社區的活動。最讓我們驕傲的是我們為殘疾兒童的捐款達到歷年最高的,我們的學生會贏的了state secretary 我們的指導老師贏得 teacher of the year . 通過這幾年在學生會的服務,我意識到我的激情對社會產生的影響。這個秋天,我將成為 Emory 大學的學生,我希望繼續走在服務社會的這條道路上,以改善我們的世界。我參加這個選美盛會的原因是,我想認識新的朋友,建立自己的自信心,了解更多的中國文化和傳統。同時我希望能激勵其他的中國女孩,不僅認清自已是誰,以及我們的文化背景。謝謝大家給我這麼美好的時光。


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