MCBP2015 PC14 Hua Diao Adele

Name 姓名: Hua Diao 刁華

Age 年齡︰25

Place of birth 來自 : Guangzhou 廣州

School 學歷︰University of California

Height 身高︰5’8”

Weight 體重 : 100lbs

Hobby 嗜好︰Archery, painting, fencing, horse riding 射箭, 油畫, 劍擊, 騎馬

Ambition 志向︰To become a successful media figure 成為一名出色的媒體人


Hua Diao was born in the flower city of China-- GuangZhou. She can speak Cantonese, Mandarin and English. She loves art since she was young. She has learnt flute, piano, zither and drums. She passed the highest flute examination of the Music school of China when she was 18. During her ages of teenager, she represented the Youth Orchestra of China attending the Asian Pacific Festival in Korea, Russia, etc. In additions, she is passionated in Chinese Dunhuang dance, Jazz and Latin dance. In 2009, she came to the U.S and got accepted by the University of California, majoring in Economics. After coming to the U.S, Hua becomes very optimistic and outgoing. Having getting involved to the campus and networking in different activities, she was selected as the Director of Student Service of the student government. During this period, she organized lots of events and community activities helping out the neighborhood and especially the unemployed people. In her spear time, she has lots of challenging hobbies like: shooting, fencing, horse-riding and archery. If she wins this pageant, she would love to represent the miss Chinese pageant to help out the poor all over the world and make great contribution to the society!