MCBP2015 PC15 Jessica Yuan

Name 姓名: Jessie Yuan 袁雨喬

Age 年齡︰22

Place of birth 來自: Sichuan 四川

School 學歷︰Columbia University

Height 身高︰5’8”

Weight 體重 : 110lbs

Hobby 嗜好︰Dance, Singing, writing 唱歌,跳舞, 寫作

Ambition 志向︰To become an entrepreneur 成為一名企業家


Contestant NO.15 Jessie Yuan, she is 22 years old, from Sichuan Province, China. She is a master student at Columbia University majoring in actuarial science. Her passions are dance and math. She started to learn Chinese traditional dance at the age of 4 and Chinese harp (guzheng) at the age of 10, and passed the Level 11 examination in Chinese traditional dance and the Level 7 examination in Chinese harp. She is dedicated to immerse herself into different activities, including dance performance and choreography, acting, public speaking., etc. She came to New York after graduating from high school. She majored in mathematics and minored in economics and dance in Union College (NY), where she participated in the International Mathematical Modeling Contest and won the Meritorious Winners with two teammates. She likes challenging herself. She graduated from Union College with honors within 3 years. Also, she got an internship offer from IBM. She likes trying new things and exploring more potential. That's why she participated in this competition. She wants to be a better self in her most beautiful times.


15號佳麗袁雨喬,今年22歲,來自中國四川。現就讀於哥倫比亞大學精算專業,是一名碩士研究生。她喜愛舞蹈和數學。從小學習中國民族舞和古箏,並通過了舞蹈11級和古箏七級的考試。她喜歡參與各種活動,例如舞蹈表演,話劇表演,編舞,演講,辯論以及主持。高中畢業后她來到美國,在Union College (NY)主修數學,輔修經濟與舞蹈,並參加了國際數學建模大賽獲得一等獎,也獲得了去IBM實習的機會。她喜歡挑戰自我,用三年時間便完成了本科並以榮譽畢業。她喜愛探索與嘗試新鮮事物,所以來參加這次比賽。希望在最美好的年華裡遇見更好的自己。

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