MCBP2015 PC16 Karen Luo

Name 姓名: Karen Luo 羅昕

Age 年齡︰21

Place of birth 來自: Pennsylvania 賓夕法尼亞州

School 學歷︰Georgetown University

Height 身高︰5’10”

Weight 體重 : 130lbs

Hobby 嗜好︰Volleyball, swimming, reading 排球,游泳,閱讀

Ambition 志向︰I hope to apply to medical school next year to become a geriatrician 明年我希望申請到醫學院成為老人醫學專家


Karen was born in State College, Pennsylvania and moved to New York when she was two years old. She is a 21-year-old Georgetown University graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. Karen hopes to attend medical school in the future in order to become a geriatrician, a doctor who specializes in the health care of the elderly. Karen enjoys spending her free time playing flute and piano, both of which she has passed Level 8 in the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music examinations. She also loves dancing, playing volleyball and swimming. Karen is participating in the Miss New York Chinese Pageant not only to gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and language, but also to learn new skills from her trainers and fellow pageant sisters that will change her for the better in all aspects.


羅昕出生在賓州,兩歲就搬來紐約。她今年二十一歲,今年五月份從Georgetown 大學畢業。她明年想申請醫學院,將來想成為一名專為老年人服務看病的醫生。羅昕喜歡彈鋼琴和吹長笛,這兩樣都考過英國皇家第八級。另外她還喜歡跳舞,打排球和游泳。羅昕參加華裔選美不僅僅能學到更多的中國文化並且可以從其她佳麗身上學到很多東西, 使她在各方面變得更成熟更出色。

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