MCBP2016 01 Monica Peng

自我介紹 Self-Introduction:

大家好,我是一號Monica,我17歲獨自一人來美國求學。目前在Binghamton University攻讀心理學。我的性格樂觀積極向上。我熱愛唱歌,跳舞,和表演,我從小就有志願成為一名華裔演員。在高中的時候我榮獲過話劇社的最佳女演員獎。很多人都表示我是個天生具有表演天賦的人,來美國之後我積極參加學校裡話劇演出和接受表演培訓。我是個非常明白自己想要什麼人,我相信任何一個成功人都是通過不斷學習和磨練自己,才實現自己的目標的。從入圍決賽的那天起我一直都在減肥,但我沒有期待過得到任何獎項。因為我覺得每個人都有一個夢想,而真正的夢想是那個不斷努力追尋的過程,所以放鬆心態努力展現自己美好的一面才是最重要的,謝謝。

Hello, everyone. I am contest No.1. I came to the United Sates when I was 17 years old. I am studying in Binghamton University in Psychology Major. I have optimistic and helpful personality. I love singing, dancing and acting. I have dreamed of being an Asian actress since I was a child. Many people said I am a drama talent. I have participated in some drama shows during my college time. I am a hard-working and diligent person because I know what I really wish to achieve. I think being myself is more important, so I do not expect any award, but I wish to learn more experiences from this pageant. Thank you!