MCBP2016 04 Delia Wang Biondo

自我介紹 Self-Introduction:

我是四號選手,叫王 戴麗婭Delia Wang Biondo,今年19歲。出生於日本橫濱,隨後不久,全家搬來了美國(新澤西)。我的母親是中國人,我的父親是意大利人。曾在上海度過的多個暑假以及我母親的悉心教導,我能說國語和上海地方話。我的成就包括成為了國家榮譽協會的成員以及當選稱為學校意大利俱樂部的副會長。我的興趣有很多,包括聽來自世界各地不同類型的音樂,唱歌,彈鋼琴以及閱讀。也非常享受學習一些不同的文化,亦或是通過旅行來感受異國風情。能夠參加2016美國華裔小姐選美比賽是我的一大榮幸,因為她讓我挑戰了一種不同的生活體驗。我有信心也會努力地去把每個挑戰做得最好。就好像南丁格爾說的,“當我們全心全意投入到我們的工作上,享受通往建立自我目標的旅程時,將會遇到最好的我們,最幸福的我們。”這次美國華裔小姐選美比賽,希望能學到新的技巧,遇見美妙的新朋友,還讓我能從一個新的角度看待人生。最後,通過這次比賽,期待能使我與中國文化更加緊密相聯,更重要的是,讓我有自信在未來的生活裏獲得成功!

I’m contestant #4, Delia Wang Biondo, and I am 19 years old. I was born in Yokohama, Japan, but my family soon thereafter moved to the U.S where I grew up. Assuring me a proper education, my parents enrolled me in private schools until high school. I’m half Chinese from my mother’s side and I am also half-Italian from my father’s side. I can speak conversational Chinese, which I learned from my mother and from spending many past summers in Shanghai. I love to travel, and besides Shanghai, I have also been to Hong Kong, Japan and Italy. I am currently an undergraduate student at Montclair State University, where I just completed my freshman year with High Honors. I enjoy volunteering my time to help those in need, especially sheltered animals, and I am always looking for the next opportunity to help. Some of my accomplishments include membership to National Honor Society and being elected to vice President of my school’s Italian Club. My hobbies include listening to music of every genre and from all over the world, singing, playing the piano, and reading. I also enjoy learning and reading about different cultures and traveling to exotic places. Participating for the 2016 Miss Chinese pageant is an honor, as it challenges me to engage in many life-changing experiences. I am ambitious and strive to do not only my best but to also put love in everything I do, as Earl Nightingale says, “ We are at our very best, and we are happiest, when we are fully engaged in work we enjoy on the journey toward the goal we've established for ourselves. ” As I enter the 2016 Miss Chinese Beauty pageant, I hope to learn new skills, meet wonderful new people, and drive myself to see things in a different light. Overall, throughout this pageant, I am eager to connect more to my Chinese culture and, most importantly, gain the confidence to succeed in my future.