MCBP2016 05Rachel Ma

自我介紹 Self-Introduction:

大家好,我是5號佳麗馬瑞雪,大家也可以叫我Rachel. 我目前就讀於曼哈頓音樂學院,攻讀鋼琴表演碩士學位。我的本科就讀於歐洲,在羅馬尼亞克魯日音樂學院,所以我也同時精通羅馬尼亞語。多年來在多國的學習成長,讓我結交了各國的朋友,體驗到了多種文化,感受到了世界的多姿多彩。參加這次選美比賽,是為了能為自己的人生填上一筆更美的色彩,不為自己的青春留下遺憾。

Hi, my name is RuiXue Ma, you can also call me Rachel. I’m currently a student of Manhattan school of music, and I’m pursuing my Master degree in Piano Performance. I studied in Europe when I was age 16, and I finished my undergraduate study at “George Dima” conservatory in Cluj-Npoca, Romanian, so I'm also fluent in Romanian. During the past few years, not only have I experienced many different cultures, I've also made a lot of friends from various countries. I have always believe that a splendid life should be enriched and colorful, and that was also the reason I joined this pageant.