MCBP2016 07 Tianhuizi Zheng

自我介紹 Self-Introduction:


Tianhuizi Zheng is 21 years old. She currently lives in New York and attends Columbia University studying M.S. in Enterprise Risk Management. Born in Hangzhou, China, she moved to the United States when she was fourteen and finished her Bachelor's degree in Economics at Penn State. As a daughter of an actress, her passions are singing, Latin dance, Pipa, acting, and modeling. She is not only talented but also likes to challenge. In middle school, she participated in the finalist and won the golden award at the 2008 Star & Torch English Talent Competition of Chinese Youngsters. In college, she organized the Chinese Classical Dance Club and created the dance team named "Dream of Dragon" with her friends for the purpose of better representing Chinese culture and art for western appreciation. Other than her passion for dancing, she also actively participated in fencing competitions and acting performances in college. She believes that “the one trying to wear the crown must withstand the weight." You never know how much efforts spent behind one's success. She has a faith in that chance favors the prepared mind. So whenever she applied to the Columbia or the pageant competition, she was always prepared. Through the pageant stage, she hopes to present a self-confident and brilliant image of herself to everyone.