MCBP2016 08 Jay Li

自我介紹 Self-Introduction:

大家好,我是八號佳麗,李佳岩菲, 出生在中國的河北省,唐山市。來自堪薩斯州威其塔市。目前在威其塔州立大學攻讀金融專業。我熱愛舞蹈和運動,我練舞十餘年。也熱愛中國的傳統文學。 作為一個女孩,我有一個愛美的心,就像每個女孩一樣。但是我認為,對於女孩來說,美不僅僅是外在的,更多的是從我們內心發出來的。所以我是中國青年志願者協會的一名成員。即使在我來到美國以後,我也一直每週末都去敬老院。我希望我未來能夠為世界的和平而做出貢獻。 我熱愛所有有趣新奇的事情,像潛水,開遊艇,開飛機。我也熱愛傳統的東西,比如中國的茶道,中國的古詩和中國書法。我熱愛所有與我的祖國相關的事物。作為一位在美國的中國女孩,我認為我有責任和義務成為一個中轉樞紐,來讓更多的人了解我的國家,我的文化,我希望這個世界看見華裔女性的美麗,並且認可。 參加這次比賽,並不是為了證明我們的美是否有高低之分,而是僅僅要通過這次比賽認識一個真實的自己,再不斷完善提高自己。畢竟,我是一個這麼愛美的女孩。

Hello everyone! I'm contestant 8, Jiayanfei Li. I was born in Tangshan, Hebei. I come from Wichita, Kansas. And I am currently studying Finance in Wichita State University. I love dancing and sports, I have practiced dancing for more than ten years. And I also love classical Chinese literature. To be a girl, I have a heart longing for beauty and fashion. Just as most girl would do, but for me I think the beauty of a girl should be something sparkling out from her heart, not limited at her look. So I am also a member of China Youth Volunteer Association. After I came to America I still went to the geracomium (Nursing home) near my house every weekend. I hope I can working for this world's peace in the future. I love everything interesting, like diving, sails dinghies, pilot a plane. I am also a girl who love traditional thing. Like Chinese tea ceremony, Chinese poem, Chinese calligraphy. I love everything about my country. As a Chinese girl in America, I think I have duty to be a transition to let more and more people know our culture. I hope the world to see the beautiful of Chinese woman. Entering to this competition is not to rank how beautiful I am among others, I want to find a real me, and continuously perfect this real me through this competition. Because after all, I am still a girl longing for beauty.