MCBP2016 10 Alice Chen

自我介紹 Self-Introduction:

陳珊是一名在曼哈頓工作的房地產經紀人。同時,她也正在亨特大學(Hunter College)讀本科。她希望在她大學畢業時她將擁有足夠的經驗讓她成為一名出色的國際房地產經紀人。目前,她的中文、英文,和日文都非常流利。未來她還想學習韓語,成為一名優秀的國際房地產經紀人,去推動東西雙方的友好關係。為了更加接近她的夢想,陳珊曾多次安排了募捐與社區活動來讓紐約的外國人通過藝術、飲食,和舞蹈對亞洲的文化得到進一步的了解。陳珊還有很深的藝術背景。她熱愛美術,她的作品還曾多次獲得了紐約市藝術部門的獎勵,並且在城市多處的展覽館裡展示過。通過美國華裔小姐選美會她希望更加了解中國的文化和得到更多的自信來幫助她在未來實現她的夢想。

Alice Chen is currently working as a real estate agent in Manhattan while attending Hunter College as a full time student. She hopes that by the time she graduates college she would have enough experience in real estate to be an international broker who is polylingual in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and English to help facilitate a mutually beneficial coexistence between the major Asian countries and America; one transaction at a time. To help fulfill her dream, she has planned several fundraisers and events in the past to promote Asian culture awareness through art and food. Despite her future ambitions, she has a background in the visual arts and has won several citywide awards for her artwork and had exhibited her work in multiples locations around the city. Through this pageant, Alice hopes to better herself by learning more about her heritage and gaining more confidence so she can chase after her dream of international awareness with honor and grace.