MCBP2016 12 Stitch Yu C

自我介紹 Self-Introduction:

大家好,我是12號佳麗余思霆,目前就讀於Albany university,我出生於台灣在紐約長大,從小就喜愛於舞蹈的我,也熱愛於舞台,在花式溜冰的領域裏我也曾得過許多獎項,現在的我除了精進自己外在的表現外更試著透過主持的工作提升自己的談吐以及內在的知識,超越以往的自己,另外我的興趣還有水肺潛水,日前透過取得潛水執照讓我能探索奇妙的水底世界。 隨著生活經驗的累積也更充實了自己不同方面的才能,透過今年的華姐舞台來證明自己的能力及努力的成果並且更加確定未來的方向。

Hello everyone, I am No.12 Stitch Yu, Currently I attend Albany University in upstate New York. I was born in Taiwan but raised in New York City. My passions are skiing, snowboarding, dancing, modeling, performing on stage, inline figure skating and scuba diving. I also hold three awards in inline figure skating as well as a scuba diving license. First impressions are very important so I aspire to improve my social appearance and my public speaking abilities. By taking on hosting opportunities and ambassador work I feel that I will expand my inner self and develop global empathy. I feel that my participation in this year's Miss Chinese Beauty Pageant will enrich my talents in different fields and, expose me to more life experiences while helping me gain a clearer direction for my future. This quote stands out in my mind: "If you continuously compete with others, you become bitter, but if you continuously compete with yourself, you become better." My dream is to become a better person so that I may help others live their dreams.