MCBP2016 14 Savannah Jooste

自我介紹 Self-Introduction:

大家好!我是娜娜, 18歲,我出生在南非,我在6歲的時候去中國讀書,從一年級讀到四年級,在2008年又回到南非,完成了小學和中學,2014年到洛杉磯繼續高中。生活在南非/中國/美國這樣有著非常不同的文化習慣的國家,讓我不知覺學會了適應各種不同的環境,吃不同的食物,交往不同的朋友,做不同的運動和事情。 在洛杉磯我有幸加入了學校的拉拉隊,我們經常到不同的地方參加各種比賽,我非常喜歡拉拉隊!我也喜歡表演,我用課餘時間和周末學習表演已經兩年多了,好萊塢有非常棒的老師。因為學習表演,我也學習相關的歌劇和舞蹈,我很喜歡學習新的不同的東西。 帶著好奇我參加了紐約華裔小姐選美,參加之前我只是簡單地認為就是比誰最美麗,但是參加之後,我才知道,不是大家想像的那麼簡單。現在剛剛開始,我已經學到了很多,比如對自身的價值的認識,對優美的塑造,對生活技能的要求,以及成熟,自信等內在美與外在美的完美結合。我知道當完成這次比賽之後,我學到的遠遠比我想像的多。

Hi I’m Savannah Jooste, age 18. I was born in South Africa, I went to China for 4 years to study and I am currently attending high school in Los Angeles. Being in 3 continents with very different cultural backgrounds, I was able to practice my adaptability as well as experience the uniqueness in each area. I competed in competitive cheerleading and study all forms of art: acting, opera singing, hip-hop dancing and water painting. I am an incredibly fast learner.
My goal through this beauty pageant has changed greatly since I decided to join. At first I did not know what to expect I thought it was a simple process of showing off beauty. I have learnt a lot about self-worth, elegancy and life skills to being a mature and capable adult. Through this pageant I wish to exceed in areas that I lack skill or confidence in and most importantly I wish to understand the greater meaning of beauty.