MCBP2016 15 Wen Yi Xing 2

自我介紹 Self-Introduction:

Rachel Xing 生在紐約長在紐約. 她知道自己是中華子孫,努力學習中文。她在NYU-Stern 上學,學習房地產和金融。 目前,她是RealDeal的實習生。作為一個大型房地產新聞網站記者,同時為RealDeal組織今年的秋季在上海舉行的房地高峰會。 另外,Rachel 又是NAAAP規劃署署長(亞裔專業人士協會),在那裡她負責協調主要的業務交流活動的策劃。 此外,她正在匯總了紐約州的所有屬性與房東的聯繫方式和特殊的EB-5過濾器為外國投資者在美國提供一個平台。 在未來,Rachel 計劃成為一個真正的房地產開發商,建造低收入的中國家庭可以負擔的房子。通過此次盛會,Rachel 希望更多了解華人社區,拜會華人社團。發展自己的才能。成為一個每亇女孩嚮往的Miss Chinese 和紐約未來的商人。

Shanghainese by heritage, Rachel Xing was born and raised in NYC. Through exposure to speaking with Chinese friends and from self-study, Rachel developed her bilingual skills. Presently, she is a rising sophomore at NYU Stern studying real estate and finance. Her love of real estate began with her family business’ influence. She is currently interning as a reporter for RealDeal, a large real estate news portal, while organizing their upcoming fall real estate summit in Shanghai. Outside of school, Rachel serves as Director of Programming in NAAAP (National Association of Asian American Professionals), where she coordinates the planning of major business networking events. Additionally, she is working on a platform that aggregates all the properties in NY with landlord contact information and a special EB-5 filter for foreign investors. In the future, Rachel plans to become a real estate developer, helping to construct homes for lower-income Chinese Americans who seek to pursue their American dreams. Through this pageant, Rachel hopes to not only refine herself as an individual but also to better serve her community through her platform.