MCBP2018 Finalists No.3 Angela Wong

自我介紹 Self-Introduction:

Hi everyone, I am Angela Wong, contestant number 3, also known as the 19-year-old HongKonger who smiles with her eyes. I’m a junior majoring in Politics and will be graduating a semester early at New York University. My biggest dream is to become a successful actress and a passionate philanthropist, so that I will be able to influence our society positively through influential media platforms. During my spare time, I love to travel and volunteer, because travelling enables me to learn from different cultures and volunteering allows me to be the change I want to see in the society. I’ve once heard that that “Happy Girls are the Luckiest”, therefore, I sincerely hope that this pageant will not only challenge me to get out of my comfort zone and learn from other contestants, but also to provide me with the opportunity to spread happiness to more people using my lucky charm – smile!
大家好, 我是3號佳麗, 黃映穎. 我是一位在香港土生土長的19歲愛笑女孩. 也是一位在紐約大學即將提早畢業的三年級政冶系學生. 我的理想是成為一位成功的藝人和慈善家, 通過各種媒體頻道帶給社會更多的正能量及歡樂. 生活中的我愛旅遊更愛做義工. 在我看來, 旅遊讓我深入了解更多的文化和事, 但因為“施比受更有福, 所以做義工則讓我更快樂. 有人說 “愛笑的女孩運氣都不會太差”. 來到美國華裔小姐的決賽, 我希望能挑戰自己及從其他參賽者身上學到更多, 並且以我發自內心的笑容將我的熱情傳遞給身邊的每一位朋友.

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