MCBP2018 Finalists No.4 Courtney Eng

自我介紹 Self-Introduction:

Hello everyone, my name is Courtney Eng and I am contestant number four. I am a first year graduate student at Hunter College studying to become an ESL teacher. My hobbies include baking, doing research, teaching and dancing. I am the author of my own children’s book entitled “Agnes and the Discovery of Happiness” which chronicles the journey of a young girl who is discovering the pursuit of happiness. I enjoy working with children to make a difference in their lives academically and socially. The daughter of Chinese American Immigrants, my parents have instilled in me the values of family, perseverance, and finding joy in each day. Inspired by my mother’s advice, my motto is to “look forward - never look back.”  My mom has taught me to view each new challenge as a stepping stone toward the future. Passionate about helping children, I was recently hired as a full time elementary school teacher in Kings Highway, Brooklyn. I entered this pageant to broaden my horizons, develop self-confidence and build lasting friendships that will help me grow as a person. I hope to become the next Miss Chinese because I want to be a role model for young Chinese American girls and show that beauty pageants are about more than just looks, but intelligence and character as well. Thank you!

 instagram icon @ceng126