MCBP2018 Finalists No.6 Maggie Choy

自我介紹 Self-Introduction:

Hello everyone! I am contestant #6, Maggie Choy. I am 17 years old and was born and raised in San Diego, California. I am a senior at Torrey Pines High School in San Diego. I am currently an avid rhythmic gymnast and I have been competing for the past 10 years. I had the luxury to compete around the United States and at various international competitions.
I am a very cheerful and loving person and I share these values by volunteering at a local hospital in San Diego. My primary responsibilities are to comfort patients, transport patients, and to support nurses. I love every part of this job as this gives me the opportunity to explore what’s like to be in the medical field. The best part of the job is when patients compliment my bubbly character and beautiful smile.
Even though my goal is not to be a world class doctor, I would love to be a world class journalist or a T.V. news anchor when I grow up. In order for one to be a excellent news anchor, one must be very comfortable speaking in front of cameras and people. By joining Miss Chinese Beauty Pageant 2018, I hope to reinforce my communication and public speaking skills, increase my self-confidence and broaden my horizon. Thank you for your support!
大家好!我是6號蔡美琦, 今年17歲,出生於加州, 聖地牙哥, 現就讀於聖地牙哥的Torrey Pines High School高中12年級. 我非常熱愛藝術體操, 在過去十年來,我參加過很多美國國內外的比賽. 我是一個開朗和很細心的人,我在聖地牙哥的一家本地醫院做義工去吸收經驗,職責是幫助護士,幫忙移動和開解病人, 我很喜歡這工作, 它给我學到很關於醫療的學問。 由於我性格比較開朗又熱情所以得到很多病人的認同。
雖然我的目標不是成為一個世界級醫生,但我長大後想當一個世界級的記者和新聞主播。透過這次參加----選美的經驗, 希望能加強我與人溝通、交流和演講的技巧,同時增加對自己的自信又能擴闊我的視野。 謝謝大家!