MCBP2018 Finalists No.13 Bree Zhang

自我介紹 Self-Introduction:

Hi everyone! I am Bree Zhang, contestant #13, and I am an incoming freshman at Brown University. One of my best friends is the instrument called the guzheng, a 21-stringed Chinese harp which has changed me from a shy 8-year-old girl reluctant to stand on the smallest stage to a confident young woman passionately performing at Carnegie Hall and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Four years ago, I co-founded a guzheng class at Huaxia Bridgewater Chinese School to extend my culture to the younger generation, and I continue to spread Chinese music, not just through performance but music composition. I have composed two songs for my orchestra, Music From China Youth Orchestra, both of which are influenced by Western and Eastern components—and I am currently rearranging American songs into guzheng music to further connect the west and the east. I am also deeply invested in art, from oil painting to watercolor to scratchboard to digital art. Although I’ve received awards in competitions like the Congressional Art Competition and the International Fund for Animal Awareness Art competition, I moreso value the impact of bringing art to a wider audience. Thus, I am active in the art community by working as a teacher assistant for Hunterdon Art Museum and becoming the President of National Art Honor Society in my high school. Although art and guzheng may be seemingly different, I apply the same core values through my investment in them. I believe in taking my passions and unearthing their beauty to the wider community, perpetuating a love and understanding for the various form of arts, one that will connect people of all origins through a common thread that will last for generations.

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