No. 1

Name 姓名: Avina Zhao 趙維

From 來自: Jilin, ChangChun, China

Age 年齡: 25

Weight 體重: 103 lbs

Height 身高: 5'3''

Occupation 職業: Graphic Designer 

Education 學歷: Bachelor of Technology 

Language 语言: Mandarin, English

Hobbies/Skills 興趣/專長: Traveling, Aerial Yoga, Cooking, Ice Skating

Ambition 志向: 我希望可以成為一個非常正能量的人,給大家帶來歡樂和幸福感。

Self-introduction 自我介紹:  Hello everyone, my name is Avina Zhao. I’m 25 years old. I was born and raised in Jilin, China and moved to NY at the age of 15 years old. I love traveling, cooking and aerial yoga. It is a great honor and pleasure to have this opportunity for me to strand on this stage and become better of myself.  I’m a very ordinary person but I believe an ordinary person can have an extraordinary life. Thank you for your whole-hearted support. I am contestant #1 Avina.

大家好,我是一號佳麗 Avina,中文名字叫趙維。今年25歲,來自中國,吉林。 15歲和家人一起移民到紐約。我熱愛旅遊,烹飪和空中瑜伽。我是一個非常愛笑的女生,因為笑容不僅可以讓自己更加自信也可以給他人帶來快樂。我希望2019年的華裔小姐可以讓我突破自我成為更好的自己。請大家支持一個平凡的我想要一個不平凡的人生,請記住我,我是 Avina。

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