No. 4

Name 姓名: Lindsay Park 樸爍汀

From 來自: Shenyang, China 遼寧瀋陽

Age 年齡: 25

Weight 體重: 110 lbs

Height 身高: 5'5''

Occupation 職業: Auditor 審計師

Education 學歷: University of Pittsburgh – Accounting and Music / College of William & Mary – Master of Accounting

Language 语言: Mandarin, Korean, English

Hobbies/Skills 興趣/專長: Play the piano, film YouTube videos, makeup & hair styling

Ambition 志向: 有一個大房子一家人生活在一起

Self-introduction 自我介紹:  My name is Lindsay Park. I come from Shenyang China. I am a Korean Chinese, so I speak fluent Korean and Chinese. I came to the United States 7 years ago for school. I went to the University of Pittsburgh studying accounting and music. And then I graduated from the College of William & Mary with a Master of Accounting degree. Currently I am an auditor at one of the public accounting firms in Washington DC. My hobby is playing the piano, and I also held my solo concert when I was 17. In my spare time, I like to film some research videos and upload to my YouTube Channel. Thank you all for your support. 

我是四號佳麗樸爍汀,來自遼寧瀋陽。我是一名朝鮮族,所以我講流利的中文和韓文。七年前我來美國留學。本科在匹茲堡大學攻讀會計和音樂。研究生在威廉瑪麗學院攻讀會計學碩士。目前在華盛頓的一家會計師事務所做審計師的工作。我的愛好是彈鋼琴,我從四歲時開始學習鋼琴,17歲時曾舉辦過個人鋼琴演奏會。我在業餘時間也喜歡錄製視頻上傳到我的YouTube Channel,主要做美妝,時尚,買車,買房,信用卡等功課類視頻。希望大家可以多多支持我。