No. 8

Name 姓名: Alexandra Xuan 玄府靈

From 來自: San Francisco, California, born in Yingkou, Liaoning, China

Age 年齡: 19

Weight 體重: 138 lbs

Height 身高: 5’7”

Occupation 職業: Undergraduate Student

Education 學歷: Economics, Global Business, and Arabic at Manhattan College

Language 语言: English, Mandarin, Arabic

Hobbies/Skills 興趣/專長: Guzheng, reading, watching movies, boxing, hiking, traveling 

Ambition 志向: To lead businesses to become more environmentally sustainable 

Self-introduction 自我介紹:  大家好! I am Alexandra Xuan and I am 19 years old. I was born in the charming and lively port city of Yingkou, Liaoning, China and grew up in the foggy, but very vibrant city of San Francisco, California. I am currently a rising third year Presidential Scholar at Manhattan College studying Economics, Global Business, and Arabic. Three words to describe me are adventurous, friendly, and outgoing. While I enjoy structure in life, I also enjoy spontaneity — so much so that I have traveled to 12 countries including a solo backpacking trip to Thailand! I love learning about different cultures and immersing myself in them, as I believe they bring me an open perspective on life. Thus, through the Miss Chinese New York Beauty Pageant, I hope to connect with my Chinese heritage on a deeper level, but also to become a better version of myself every step of the way. See you soon at the final show!

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