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  • When is the deadline to register? Is there a limit on the number of applicants? 報名截止日期是哪一天? 報名人數有沒有上限? +

    The registration deadline is May 31st 2016. There is no limit on the number of applicants, but only 14 finalists will be accepted after interview. 報名截止日期是2016年5月31日。沒有名額限制,但只挑選14名進入總決賽。
  • What should I do if summer vacation begins at Middle of May? 學校五月中才放暑假, 如果我想參選, 請問怎麼做才合適? +

    This is the common concern among the candidates who are college students. The interview is on June 4th, and after it is the intensive training. Therefore, it should not have any conflict with your school schedule and you should have more than enough time to prepare. However, earlier registration is till highly recommended, so you could be interviewed early to determination of whether or not you are selected for the final round. Then you have have a clear guideline afterwards. If you are not selected after the interview then it should not affect your other arrangements of your summer vacation. Should you have further questions, please feel free to contact the pageant committee: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 選美會充分考慮了不同背景的參賽者的要求,6月4日面試之後選出14強,之後才是正常的密集培訓。所以報名參賽者依然有足夠的時間,重點是儘早報名,面試確定進入總決賽準備階段,以獲得明確的指引。如果未能成功進入決賽,也不影響暑假的其他安排,如果依然有這方面的問題,可以發郵件向大會諮詢:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Can I participate if I live outside of New York? 如果不住在紐約,能否參加今年的比賽? +

    Yes, as long as you can provide proof of that you have lived in the United States for twelve (12) consecutive months or longer.以, 只要你在美國本土有連續居住12個月或以上的證明。
  • Would you able to help if I need a place to live during the competition? What are the choices? 假如有需要的話, 能否幫忙解決住宿問題? 有甚麼選擇? +

    This is the one of the major concerns every year. If you are selected as the semifinalist or finalist of the competition, we will do our best to help you solve the accommodation problem during the competition. Depending upon the number of requests, we will come up with different solutions, and we will provide you the best one based on your needs. We will provide you choice of single occupancy or share accommodation. 這是個每年都會出現的問題。假如你有幸進入初賽或總決賽, 我們將會盡力幫助你解決住宿問題。解決方案將取決於一共有多少人有這個要求,然後我們會依個案處理。方法包括單租或合租房間。
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