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11. Yuge Sun 孫雨歌

From 來自: Beijing 北京

Age 年齡: 25

Weigh 體重: 112 lbs

Height 身高:  5’8”

Occupation 職業:  Financial Engineer

Education 學歷:  UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business; Master’s degrees in Financial Engineering and Applied Mathematics

Languages 能說什麼語言:  Mandarin, French, English, Japanese (Beginner) 普通話、法語、英語、日語(初級)

Hobbies/Skills 興趣/專長:  Kpop, Ballet, Singing, 100m Sprint 韩流、芭蕾、唱歌、100m跑

Aspirations 志向:  People say the hardest substance on earth is diamond, and I want to be like a diamond: pure, clear, and unbreakable. 我想成為像鑽石一樣的人:簡單,純淨,但是無堅不摧

Self-introduction 自我介紹:
Having lived and studied in 4 countries, speaking 3 languages fluently, I’m currently working as a financial engineer at the largest investment bank on Wall Street and never stop searching for new challenges. No matter what I do, I always put 120% effort into it. People aren’t born with perfectness, just like diamonds - they look like stones before getting cuts. I have been using my relentless hard work and undefeatable courage to get myself polished so that one day I will shine like a diamond. 我是一個會說中英法三國語言的北京姑娘,在四個不同的國家學習生活過,現在在華爾街最大的投行做量化分析。我愛好興趣很多,並且喜歡挑戰自我,無論做什麼事我都會做到盡善盡美。沒有人生來完美,就像未經雕琢的鑽石一樣。我想,我的努力和不斷挑戰自我的勇氣就是打磨提升自己最好的工具。因為,我希望未來的自己,也可以像鑽石一樣璀璨閃耀。

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