Ella Ri

8. Ella Ri 李莞然

來自 From: 紐約 New York 

年齡 Age: 25

體重 Weight: 135 lbs

身高 Height: 5’7”

職業 Occupation: 金融分析師  Financial analyst

學歷 Education: Bucknell University, B.S. Finance

能說什麼語言 Languages: 英語、普通話  English, Mandarin

興趣/專長 Hobbies/Skills: 跑步、普拉提、藝術、書法  Running, Pilates, Art, Chinese Calligraphy

志向 Aspirations: To make a positive impact in the business world and uplift those around me.

自我介紹 Self-introduction: 

Hi everyone!  I'm contestant No. 8 Ella Ri.  I grew up in Shanghai, China and immigrated to the U.S. as a child.  After graduating from a small liberal arts college on the East Coast, I moved to New York City to follow my career ambition of working on Wall Street.  While competing in a beauty pageant may seem different, I think the core qualities of having tenacity and having an ability to learn and adapt carry over.  I’m a big proponent of the arts and cherish any opportunity to see a Broadway show or see a favorite artist perform.  I also enjoy pursuing my own artistic projects, with the most recent one being the design of my neighborhood's community cupboard which aims to reduce food waste and food insecurity.  In my spare time, I like to run in Central Park, try new restaurants with my friends, and practice Pilates.  I look forward to competing in the 20th anniversary of Miss Chinese Pageant and sharing what it means to be a modern and well-rounded Chinese American woman.

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