1. LynliaTso 曹伶俐

來自 From: 紐約  Staten Island, New York

年齡 Age: 26

體重 Weight: 96 lbs

身高 Height: 5’3”

職業 Occupation: 鋼琴教師、演員、錄音室助理、藝術行政人員  Piano Teacher, Actor, Recording Studio Assistant, Arts Admi

學歷 Education: NYU Steinhardt, MA in Performing Arts Administration

能說什麼語言 Languages: 英語、普通話  English, Mandarin Chinese

興趣/專長 Hobbies/Skills: 鋼琴、銀幕表演、直播、音樂編輯  Piano, Screen Acting, Live streaming, Music editing

志向 Aspirations: 開設音樂治療私人診所  To open a music therapy private practice

1. LynliaTso 曹伶俐

自我介紹 Self-introduction: 

Lynlia Tso is an arts administrator, piano teacher, actor, and recording studio assistant based in New York City. Whether it is shooting a film, teaching piano techniques, or live streaming a concert, she is always doing something in the arts field. 
Interested in its psychological and neurological impact, Lynlia envisions spreading the joy of the arts on mental well-being and relationship to human life. In a nutshell, Lynlia is passionate about all things arts-related, whether it is improving her own artistry or being a strong advocate for artists and art organizations.
In May of 2023, Lynlia graduated with a Master of Arts in Performing Arts Administration at New York University. She previously received a Bachelor of Arts in Music and Chinese Language & Literature at CUNY Hunter College under the Macaulay Honors Program. In 2019, Lynlia completed her capstone year in Taiwan under the American Council’s Language Flagship Program, where she studied Mandarin extensively and worked as an intern at the Taiwan Philharmonic. 
Lynlia is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Music Therapy at SUNY New Paltz. In her spare time, Lynlia enjoys singing and playing the ukulele, and posting her personal development journey on Instagram.

IG: @lynliatso

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