Vanessa Tam 譚晧尹

3. Vanessa Tam 譚晧尹

來自From: New York
年齡Age: 20
體重Weight: 103 Lbs
身高Height: 5’4"
職業Occupation: Student
學歷Education: Cornell University, majoring in Information Science with a concentration in Data Science and UI/UX and minoring Business
能說什麼語言Language: English, Mandarin, Cantonese
興趣/專長Hobbies/Skills: Dance, Music, Reading, Photography, Fashion
志向Ambition: To become a better sister, daughter, and friend

3. Vanessa Tam 譚晧尹

自我介紹 Self-introduction:

Vanessa Tam was born in Shenzhen, China, and raised in Hong Kong before moving to New York with her mother and brother when she was just 8 years old. She is now 20 years old and recently completed her sophomore year at Cornell University studying Information Science and Business. Vanessa has always been captivated by the intersection between business and technology and hopes to pursue a career in that field. At school, she is a project manager of her project team, a leader of her dance team, and the secretary of her Asian sorority.

In addition to this, she possesses a creative flair, evident in her choreography of dances for performances, the creation of jewelry and crafts for her friends, and even her organization of unique marketing initiatives for her team. She hopes to utilize and showcase both her creativity and intelligence in this pageant.

By joining this pageant, Vanessa seeks to acquire a variety of skills, from modeling to etiquette, skills that she’ll carry with her throughout life. But, most importantly, she hopes to gain a deeper understanding of herself and, through this transformative experience, foster meaningful connections with others and the world around her.

3. Vanessa Tam 譚晧尹 - Short Film

"From scriptwriting to recording, this project was both challenging and rewarding. Making it humorous yet respectful to disadvantaged groups was the first challenge. Thus, I took an unique approach; I wanted to highlight that we can not only find fulfillment from helping others but also joy in the process of it as well. In my film, Milly, Billy, and Tilly unexpectedly had lots of fun while in their process of helping others (baking cookies).

The production itself had its own set of hurdles. Given my tight schedule and limited resources, coordinating the scriptwriting, actors, and setting up the shoot within a tight timeframe was no small feat. We had less than an hour for setup, script memorization, and filming, which added to the challenge. Though I encountered many obstacles, overcoming them taught me valuable lessons and helped me grow as both a filmmaker and a person. Through my film, I hope to spread the message that joy can and will be found in helping others."

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