Jiening Zhu 朱婕寧

9. Jiening Zhu 朱婕寧

來自From: Shanghai, China
年齡Age: 22
體重Weight: 129 Lbs
身高Height: 5’8”
職業Occupation: Actor, Director
學歷Education: NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Drama
能說什麼語言Language: English, Mandarin Chinese
興趣/專長Hobbies/Skills: Acting, Directing, Broadcasting, Running, Yoga, Boxing, Fencing, Skiing, Piano, Guitar
志向Ambition: To become the second Asian to win the Oscar Academy for Best Actress; To write and direct my own Broadway show; To start a school for the students who have been expelled from other schools; To have a wall covered with Marathon medals.

9. Jiening Zhu 朱婕寧

自我介紹 Self-introduction:

I am Jiening Zhu, an actor and director based in New York City. I have just graduated from NYU Tisch School of the Arts majoring in Drama. As an actor having been trained in the studios of the Experimental Theatre Wing and Stonestreet Screen Acting, I am very passionate about physical theater and applied theater. I am always eager to perceive and present different characters through a deep exploration of body and mind. As a director, I am continuously seeking breakthroughs through storytelling, aiming at giving voices to marginalized groups through theatrical ways and revealing contemporary societal issues. I am also an active member of the world of movement and physical fitness. I am thrilled to introduce myself as a certified yoga instructor, marathon runner, and an avid enthusiast of both boxing and fencing. Through teaching and participating in diverse activities, I aim to inspire others to embrace a holistic approach to health and fitness, with the belief in the transformative power of staying active and continuously challenging oneself.

9. Jiening Zhu 朱婕寧 - Short Film

"I Can’t Walk Anymore But Jackie Loves to Run” is about making a decision of death by himself or in the hands of others. A homeless person who cannot walk anymore is looking for a person to take care of his dog, which might be the last thing he cares about in the world. The girl appears but she thinks he only wants someone to walk the dog. She comes to the place everyday to help him until the man decides to not let others make the decision."

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